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We employ an external consultant to assist in ensuring we are continually compliant with the latest H&S regulations.

Our commitment:

This is the health and safety policy statement for all CLS (UK) Infrastructure Ltd activities as required by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

  • I the ‘Managing Director’ understand and accept that we are ultimately responsible for the implementation of this policy and will regularly monitor its achievement;
  • We will nominate a senior individual to act as a safety champion for health & safety issues in order to develop, coordinate and review this policy;
  • We will make health & safety a fundamental part of this business in doing so, we will provide sufficient funding, resources & support to meet our policy objectives;
  • We will promote standards of health & safety that, as a minimum, comply with the provisions & requirements of health & safety law & other codes of practice relevant to our undertaking;
  • We will define individual health & safety responsibilities and state that full cooperation and support is a condition of employment for everyone;
  • We will expect & encourage our managers, employees, temporary workers and host employers to operate in a safe manner to ensure our activities do not cause harm or damage;
  • We will provide & maintain appropriate systems to ensure a safe & healthy working environment & to protect employees, temporary workers, contractors or visitors from harm, so far as is reasonably practicable;
  • We will provide all managers and employees, including temporary workers, with sufficient information, instruction & training to carry out their job safely;
  • We will provide & maintain a system to ensure that accidents & dangerous conditions are investigated and action is taken to reduce the likelihood of their recurrence;
  • We will ensure effective consultation between our company employees, our temporary workers and our host employers and promote an “open-door” policy for raising any concerns on health & safety matters;
  • We will regularly monitor our health & safety performance and address any issues accordingly;
  • We will plan and conduct periodic reviews of this policy and its arrangements to ensure they remain relevant and effective.

David Leighton, Managing Director
07 January 2019